Engagement Ring Builder

Design the engagement ring of your dreams. Brought to life by expert hands to last a lifetime and beyond.


Building your dream engagement ring has never been easier with our state of the art custom ring builder. At Cullen Jewellery we give you the option to choose from over 150 different ring setting styles, 4 different metal types including Platinum, 18K Yellow Gold, 18K Rose Gold and 18K White Gold. We have a range of styles including vintage, modern, classic and trendy engagement ring setting styles. Whether you are choosing a timeless solitaire engagement ring design or want something more unique like the Toi et Moi we have the perfect engagement ring for you. Select your moissanite or lab grown diamond to be set in one of our signature solitaire, halo or trilogy designs. Each tailored to suit your personal preferences and style. Build your ring with a moissanite or lab grown diamond centre stone. Choose from thousands of IGI certified lab grown diamonds. Each Lab Grown Diamond features a 360 degree video so you can see the exact Lab Grown Diamond you are receiving. We offer authentic, high quality Radiant Beauty™ Moissanite stones. All our rings come with a certification report and appropriate authenticity documents. Each ring is individually crafted to your specifications and design. Experience our online custom engagement ring builder today and create your dream engagement ring.

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When you build your engagement ring, you create something unique and special. This is a piece of jewellery that will be worn forever, and it should reflect your personal style. By designing your own ring, you can choose exactly the right setting, stone, and band to create a piece that is perfect for you. 

Building your own engagement ring also allows you to infuse your own meaning and symbolism into the design. This is a ring that will represent your love and commitment, so why not make it as personal as possible? Cullen Jewellery reviews show how it has been a wonderful experience for our customers. Our excellent feedback makes us one of the world’s leading ethical companies for engagement rings, so design your own ring today!

You can also custom-design your own engagement ring with us. Your engagement ring can be one-of-a-kind, just like your relationship. Designing a custom ring allows you to create a piece as unique as your love story, and you can contact us anytime. You can choose from various diamonds, cuts, and settings to create a ring with the centre stone that is perfect for you. And, because it is custom-made, you can be sure that no one else will have an engagement ring like yours. 

A custom ring also allows you to add personal touches that make the ring even more special. For example, you can include a hidden message or symbol that has a special meaning for you and your partner. By designing a custom engagement ring, you can create a beautiful symbol of your love that will last a lifetime. With the perfect diamond or alternative gemstone, you can design your own engagement ring crafted with quality and style in mind. For us, the details matter and the entire personalisation process is built with your interests, ideas, and preferences guiding us. This ensures we can assist you in the best way possible in crafting a ring that you can wear with pride.

Your preferences and our experienced ring designers come together to make your dreams a reality. From start to finish, we centre sustainability to minimise our impact on the earth and planet. We want you to be thrilled with the finished product, and your ideas provide us with the ideal template. With thousands of possibilities and items, selecting a specific ring and confirming your vision after a thorough search is a beautiful process. So, you don’t have to wait to design and purchase your ring today, set in any of our metals; yellow, white, rose gold or platinum. We are happy to help you online or meet you in person in our showroom. Ultimately, Cullen Jewellery wants you to design your engagement ring with the desired gemstone and details. When you find the perfect diamond and setting, we’ll ensure all you need is selected in line with your budget. We offer express shipping, so submit your engagement ring design to us, and we’ll do the rest.