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Our Initiatives

Undoing the damage of the mined diamond industry

At Cullen Jewellery, we’re focused on doing two things to make the world better:

Empowering People

Protecting the Planet

Building a Better Future for People

We’re a family business that cares a lot about people and doing good. We began because we wanted to offer a different choice for engagement rings, one that doesn't continue the cycle of poor conditions and unfair work linked to diamond mining.

But creating a better option only solves half of the problem. That’s why we’re also committed to undoing the harm commercial diamond mining has already done.

We’re helping communities affected by diamond mining by giving them a path out of poverty. That starts with giving money, food, shelter, healthcare, education, and fair jobs to vulnerable people. That way, they can build a better future.

Our Initiatives for People:

  1. Sponsoring children: For every full-time team member we welcome, we support a child in need.
  2. Saying no to mining and mass production: We make our jewellery to order using lab grown gemstones. That way, we avoid mining and waste.
  3. Supporting good causes: We give both to organisations repairing the damage done by mining and those striving to make a brighter world.

Partnering with...

Cancer Council Pink Ribbon The Otis Foundation Australian Red Cross Peter Mac

Building a Better Future for the Planet

Our planet isn’t just our home, it’s a source of joy. That’s why taking care of it is central to everything we do as a company.

Our lab grown diamonds are certified as carbon neutral by Clear Neutral, and they don’t depend on land clearing and mining to get to us. In partnership with Clear Neutral, we make sure any carbon produced in the diamond-making process is offset by a range of environmental initiatives, like tree planting and solar farms.

By thinking about our commitment to the Earth in the big picture, we make fine jewellery you can feel good about wearing. Each piece symbolises your choice to create a better world, for everyone.

trees planted,
with more everyday.

Our Initiatives for the Planet:

  1. Carbon neutral lab grown diamonds: Our Clear Neutral certification means we offset more carbon than what is produced when our lab grown diamonds are made.
  2. One tree planted for every ring sold: Trees absorb carbon from the air and turn it into oxygen we can breathe. By planting more of them, we want to reverse the effects of climate change, reforest the Earth, and rescue ecosystems.

Partnering with:

One Tree Planted Clear Neutral
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Diamond mining has many detrimental impacts on communities and the environment. This ranges from deforestation to infrastructure destruction. The mined diamond supply chain also results in conflict and blood diamonds. Beyond that, human rights abuses, violence, and corruption are synonymous with the exploitative mining process.