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Moissanite is often compared to diamonds and therefore is often treated as a “fake” diamond or “diamond look-alike” rather than a gemstone in its own right. As it looks very similar and has some similar properties, the use of moissanite in jewellery is discussed as a choice of moissanite vs diamond. However, moissanite has some fantastic qualities that make it a great choice for all kinds of jewellery.

Moissanite Has Extra Sparkle

The fire and brilliance of moissanite actually far outshines that of diamonds. Some people are worried about the glitter of their moissanite rings giving away that it is not a diamond, but it is definitely not overpowering to the point of looking fake, and we say sparkle as bright as you can! When light hits a moissanite engagement ring, it sparkles rainbow colours in the surface of the ring and can produce almost a rainbow disco ball effect, which many people fall in love with. Moissanite lovers are attracted by the sparkle and fire of moissanite stones; the colour is more vibrant and fiery than the subtle sparkle of a diamond. See if you can tell the difference?!

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Moissanite Can Look Different Under Varied Lighting

Moissanite is a near colourless gem, whereas diamonds are a colourless gem. This means that while most of the time a white moissanite stone will look colourless, in certain lightings and angles, there may be hints of coloured overtones. On an overcast day, your moissanite engagement ring may have a slight grey hint to it, in other lightings, there may be a pinkish or yellowish hue visible in your ring. This is often very subtle, and only the actual ring wearers may report this change in hue as they see the ring under different types of light. In the end, this is quite an indistinguishable difference that will most likely all but go unnoticed.

Moissanite Can Be Coloured

Moissanite stones can be coloured easily to create unique pieces of jewellery that would otherwise be limited by the natural colour of the gem. The way this is done is a chemical colour coating is applied to the bottom of the ring and shines through the gem, making it appear a certain colour. The colour is durable and will last a lifetime, but it is worth proactively telling ring cleaners that it has been chemically coloured to ensure none of their cleaning procedures damages the colour coating.

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Moissanite Is Cost-Effective

For people who like quite blingy or intricately designed jewellery, moissanite allows them to achieve the design they want without breaking the bank. A moissanite engagement ring can have a large centre stone or designs such as pave or halo without driving the cost up significantly. Using multiple stones and delicately shaped gold or platinum to create a particular design or shape will be much better priced than if you decided to use other gems, especially diamond. At the end of the day, isn’t the look of your jewellery more important than how much it costs? It is possible to get the jewellery you imagine when you don’t have to worry about the cost of every single gem. If you want to get matching earrings for your moissanite bracelet, you can go for it and not worry about the cost!

Moissanite is a great choice for jewellery on its own merits, rather than a diamond look-alike. It is an elegant gem that makes a beautiful and sparkly stone for jewellery of all kinds. It is better value than diamonds and therefore gives much more flexibility for customisation.

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