Our Top 10 Rings

While wedding traditions have changed throughout history, what hasn’t is the desire for the very best engagement ring! Whether you shop together or you leave it to your soon-to-be spouse, an engagement ring should last a lifetime and keep heads turning.

Our list of the 10 Most Popular Engagement Rings is sure to help inspire you. Even if your choice of ring is not from the list below, it can act as a guide to help you understand the different styles and influence your likes and dislikes.

Ava Ring

01. Ava

Elongated Cushion Solitaire

Ava is an exquisite Cushion Solitaire engagement ring that boasts a delicate beauty. Featuring a divine 9x7mm (2.5ct) Elongated Cushion cut moissanite, Ava’s 4 claw setting is partnered with a dainty 1.8mm band and sparkling Hidden Halo.

Meet Ava

02. Emma

Oval Solitaire with Hidden Halo

Sophisticated and stunning, Emma is a four-claw low set Solitaire featuring a hidden halo for extra sparkle. Emma features a gorgeous 10x7mm (2.5ct) Oval cut moissanite on a delicate 1.8mm band.

Meet Emma
Emma Ring
Alyssa Ring

03. Alyssa

Oval Solitaire with Accent Stones

Alyssa is a graceful 8x6mm (1.5ct) Oval Solitaire engagement ring seated in a charming high set 4 claw setting. The Alyssa ring is sure to turn heads with her glittering 1.8mm band, featuring two pairs of beautiful Round and Marquise cut moissanite side stones.

Meet Alyssa

04. Alexandria

6 Claw Pavé Round Solitaire

Classically beautiful, Alexandria is our signature 6 claw Pavé Solitaire. A supremely popular choice, this exquisite design has claws that are set above the band, making a statement on the finger and allowing the wedding band to fit flush against the engagement ring when that time comes.

Meet Alexandria
Alexandria Ring
Louise Ring

05. Louise

6 Claw Solitaire

Louise is a classically beautiful 6 claw Solitaire featuring a stunning 8.5mm (2.25ct) Round cut moissanite with elegant eagle tipped claws, on a 1.8mm band.

Meet Louise

06. Julia

Oval Solitaire with Hidden Halo and Pavé

Julia is is a modern 4 claw Solitaire featuring a Pavé band as well as a Hidden Halo for extra sparkle. The Pavé Solitaire is a very popular choice as an engagement ring and this particular design is a classic. The claws are set above the band to both make a statement on the hand and also to allow for a wedding band to fit flush against the engagement ring when that time comes.

Meet Julia
Julia Ring
Sheridan Ring

07. Sheridan

Oval Trilogy

Sheridan is an elegant two tone Trilogy designed in collaboration with the beautiful Sheridan Corker. The beautifully crafted White Gold claws hold up the stunning 2.50ct Elongated Oval cut centre moissanite which is complemented by the two round and one pear accent stones on each side of the centrepiece.

Meet Sheridan

08. Theresa

Oval Solitaire with Hidden Halo

Theresa is our simple yet sophisticated Oval Solitaire. Featuring a gorgeous 10x7mm (2.5ct) Oval cut moissanite in a graceful 4 claw setting with a sparkling Hidden Halo, finished by a delicate 1.8mm band.

Meet Theresa
Theresa Ring
Paige Ring

09. Paige

Oval Solitaire with Hidden Halo and Pavé

A simply stunning Oval Solitaire, Paige is certainly a piece to be admired. Featuring a gorgeous 9×6.5mm (2ct) Oval cut moissanite, held gracefully in a 4 claw setting with a Hidden Halo, completed by a stylish 1.8mm band with 2/3 Pavé.

Meet Paige

10. Amanda

6 Claw Pavé Round Solitaire with Hidden Halo

Lovingly crafted and handset here in Australia, our beautiful Amanda engagement ring is a truly sophisticated solitaire. With breathtaking elegance, Amanda features a stunning 10mm (3.65ct) Round cut moissanite in a 6 claw setting with a gorgeous wrap around Hidden Halo, finished beautifully by a 2mm Pavé band.

Meet Amanda
Amanda Ring