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Our Story

Cullen Jewellery was founded by Jordan Cullen in 2018. Searching for an engagement ring for his now-wife, he was shocked to discover the exorbitant prices and questionable origins of mined diamonds.

After struggling to find a suitable alternative in Melbourne’s commercial jewellery stores, he turned to the Internet. Stumbling across moissanite and lab grown diamonds, Jordan purchased his first moissanite gem from an overseas retailer and developed a relationship with a Melbourne jeweller, who set his stone into a custom designed setting.

Equipped with his first sparkling custom ring and a very happy fiancee, Jordan soon realised that many other couples could benefit from this same process…

and so Cullen Jewellery was born!

Specialising in Lab Grown Stones

At Cullen Jewellery we work exclusively with moissanite and lab grown diamonds. They offer our clients a beautiful and ethical stone at a more affordable price compared to mined diamonds. We specialise in offering the highest quality Radiant Beauty™ Moissanite and IGI Certified Lab Grown Diamonds.

We never want our clients to compromise on quality or conscience and lab grown gemstones give them the best of both worlds.

Custom made engagement rings are our passion. We work closely with our clients to create the ring of their dreams.

Letter from the Founder

I founded Cullen Jewellery in 2018 with the goal of bringing accessible information and transparency to the consumer; allowing them to better understand all the options available when purchasing an engagement ring.

Fast forward to Wednesday, June 12, 2024, Cullen Jewellery is one of the leading engagement ring retailers in Australia.

A success due largely, in my opinion, to our honest and informative approach to the often secretive and exclusive jewellery industry. We care about our clients, and are proud to welcome progress and change by taking a modern approach to crafting jewellery, while at the same time holding true to traditional methods and quality.

At Cullen Jewellery, we believe that a respect for craftsmanship and ethical production go hand in hand - and we endeavor to uphold a superior product that is rooted in heritage while meeting the progress of our core values.

We hope that your experience at Cullen Jewellery is an inspiring one, where you can see first hand the value we place on craftsmanship, artistry and service. Ultimately you, the client, are at the center of everything we do, and we will never take your trust for granted.

I look forward to being a part of your joyous moments and delivering new ways for you to experience our jewellery.


The Cullen Jewellery Team

Let’s make your Engagement Ring dreams a reality.

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