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Radiant Beauty™ vs. Unbranded Moissanite

Not all moissanite is created equally. Below we show why we exclusively use Radiant Beauty™ for our moissanite engagement rings.

How does Radiant Beauty™ compare?

When choosing a moissanite stone the main factors you want to look for are the best colour, cut, clarity, and a lifetime warranty on the stone, guaranteeing that it wont lose its brilliance or fire.

Radiant Beauty™ Unbranded
Clarity VVS2-VVS1 VS2-VS1
Brilliance 2.65 2.65
Hardness 9.5/10 Mohs 9.5/10 Mohs
Colour D-E-F G-H-I
Fire 0.104 0.104
Colour Ideal or Excellent Good or Very Good
Authenticity Certificate
Lifetime Warranty

So what can we take from this comparison?

Purchasing a gemstone for your engagement ring is a big deal! You are investing a lot of money into it, and you would expect it to last a lifetime. It needs to endure everyday wear and tear and sparkle for a lifetime. To ensure this, we strongly recommend that you avoid purchasing unbranded Moissanite.

1. While some jewellers will say their stones are D colour and VVS1 clarity, more often than not they are selling you a lower quality stone without you knowing. When purchasing from a reputable moissanite brand, like Radiant Beauty™, you can be sure that you are getting exactly what you pay for.

2. Some jewellers will provide their own certificates of authenticity however this is not 100% proof of a stone's quality, as there is no party actually grading the stones. It’s merely just the jeweller creating a certificate to look like it has been graded. Look for a stone that comes with the moissanite brand's own certificate of authenticity, confirming its actual properties.

Unbranded Moissanite can be found everywhere, especially online. It can be overwhelming when searching for a high-quality stone and, at times, it is hard to know exactly what you’re purchasing. This is why we always advise buying branded Moissanite, like Radiant Beauty™, from an authorised jeweller (like us!). Radiant Beauty™ gives you a unique authenticity card, with a unique number confirming your exact stone. Each Radiant Beauty™ Moissanite is graded and verified by an expert gemologist so you can be sure that it is of the highest quality.

When you purchase a high-quality moissanite stone, you can be confident that your piece sparkle for a lifetime!

View our extensive range of Radiant Beauty™ Moissanite and build your dream engagement ring today.

Radiant Beauty™ Moissanite

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