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Is Moissanite Worth Buying?

When couples first hear about moissanite, one of the first questions they often ask is whether moissanite is actually worth buying. With the cultural traditions around purchasing a diamond for your engagement ring stone, and the expectation to buy a certain style of ring, it can be intimidating to go against the flow. However, once couples learn about the lasting beauty, cost-effectiveness and conflict-free origins of moissanite, they often fall in love with this precious gemstone and wouldn’t consider using any other stone for their engagement ring.

Artfully created in a laboratory, moissanite is an incredibly durable stone, made to last a lifetime and guaranteed to survive everyday wear. The customisation possibilities, paired with the very attractive price tag, makes moissanite an extremely enticing alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring.

Moissanite is far less expensive than diamonds

When diving into the world of moissanite, it can be a little daunting to know just what it is you’re purchasing. Although moissanite is extremely popular in the United States, Canada and throughout Europe, it has only very recently begun to gain popularity in Australia. With moissanite suppliers in Australia few and far between, this precious stone is quite the hidden gem! As one of Australia’s only high-quality moissanite suppliers, we have noticed the increasing demand for moissanite within the past two years and are extremely excited for this beautiful gemstone to receive the recognition and love it deserves.

One of the biggest drawcards for this stunning gemstone is the attractive price tag. Moissanite is significantly less expensive than diamonds and other popular gemstones. As a lab created stone, moissanite does not require the physical labour and mining to be acquired, making the production process far less expensive (and much more ethical and environmentally-friendly while we’re at it!).

Cullen Jewellery Engagement Ring
Cullen Jewellery Engagement Ring

It does not have the cultural connotations attached to it and thus can be priced fairly.

Unlike diamonds, moissanite is able to be produced and freely distributed without interference from the jewellery industry or collusion from leading companies and owners to artificially raise pricing. Since diamonds are a symbol of status in our society, the diamond industry can set their pricing to whatever they desire. The more expensive diamonds are, the fewer people have them and the more desirable they become. Since moissanite is still relatively unknown amongst the general public, it does not have the cultural connotations attached to it and thus can be priced fairly. Luckily for moissanite lovers, this fair pricing is exceptionally affordable and can even allow couples to opt for a much larger stone than they ever imagined they could have!

In recent years, it has become clear that more and more people are not buying into the diamond industry’s extremely inflated prices and are drawn to moissanite for its similar look, brighter sparkle and much more affordable pricing.

Moissanite has a similar resale value to diamonds

Purchasing a moissanite engagement ring comes with much lower risk than purchasing a diamond ring. For starters, the initial cost of buying a moissanite engagement ring is significantly lower than a diamond engagement ring. Though we pray it never happens, losing your moissanite ring would not hurt you financially as much as it would if you lost a diamond ring that cost tens of thousands!

Secondly, although many people consider a diamond purchase to be an investment, the statistics show that this is not actually true. The typical diamonds found in your engagement ring do not appreciate in value and you will usually resell at a loss, even if you keep your ring for many years. Unfortunately, it is often only rare and uniquely coloured diamonds that resell at a profit and, unless you have millions of dollars to invest in one of these rare diamonds, the average couple will not be in the market for one of these rarities. When you purchase a diamond, you are not only paying for the market value but also the retail store’s markup. Even if you were to return your ring and receive 100% of the market value, you would still be selling at a significant loss due to this markup. In the best-case scenario, you would receive 20-60% of the original cost, depending on where it was made, the diamond’s quality and to whom you’re selling it. So although moissanite will not appreciate in value, neither will diamonds, and you can expect to receive around 50% of what you paid for either stone if you were to ever resell.

Cullen Jewellery Engagement Ring Cullen Jewellery Engagement and Wedding Rings on hand
Cullen Jewellery Engagement Ring on hand Cullen Jewellery Engagement Ring on hand

The diamond hype is (not) real!

Over time, and through clever and persistent marketing campaigns, society has been conditioned to associate diamonds with status, love and self-worth. Inundated by romantic movies, magazine articles declaring the latest diamond ring trends and flashy celebrity engagements, we are often led to believe that diamonds are the only option for your engagement ring stone. However, as already outlined, purchasing a diamond ring is not necessarily the wisest or most affordable option for most couples. Moissanite completely changes the engagement ring game and allows couples to purchase a beautiful, durable engagement ring that is just as sparkly and long-lasting, without racking up debt or draining the bank account.

Not only this, but as a lab-produced stone, moissanite requires zero mining. Unlike natural diamonds, you can rest assured that the production of your moissanite stone had minimal impact on the environment and did not require the use of unethical labour practices. With a 9.25-9.5 hardness rating, you can also be sure that your moissanite stone is extremely durable and perfectly suited for everyday wear. With such durability, your stone will also remain as brilliant and sparkly as the first day you received it – and this we can guarantee! Oh, and did we forget to mention that since moissanite is so much more affordable than diamonds, you can purchase a MUCH larger stone than you ever could have if you’d chosen a diamond? The design possibilities are endless with moissanite and you truly can have the ring of your dreams with this incredible gemstone without compromising on quality, durability or beauty!


Although it can be daunting to go against the flow of the diamond ring culture, the cost-effectiveness, lasting quality and extra sparkle of a moissanite engagement ring is hard to pass up! If you could have the ring of your dreams for a fraction of the price without sacrificing quality or style, why wouldn’t you? If you have any questions about moissanite and how it compares to diamond, feel free to contact us here or read our recent article on the differences between moissanite and diamonds.