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About Us

Bringing Your Ideas to Reality

We began working with Lab-Grown Diamonds and Moissanite after noticing a high demand for high quality diamond alternatives in Australia. Customers would tell us they had read about Moissanite and Lab-Grown Diamonds but many were unwilling to buy because they had never seen the gems in person.

Now At Your Reach

We now supply Lab-Grown Diamonds and Moissanite to customers all over Australia via our online store, as well as through our Melbourne showroom. For those outside of Melbourne, we also provide a free service which allows you to view Moissanite from the comfort of your own home. Simply pay a fully-refundable deposit and we will mail loose stones directly to your door.

The Appeal of Lab Gemstones

Lab-created Diamonds and Moissanite appeals to a variety of buyers, many who are conscious of the potential for exploitation in the diamond industry, while others appreciate the lower comparative cost of buying lab gemstones over natural diamonds.

Since our rings are made to order, we can alter any of our designs to suit your exact requirements. We can also recreate any design brought to us - simply provide us with a photo of your dream ring and our jewellery designers will bring it to life with a 3D digital model, down to the exact requirements.

Our Beginnings

Cullen Jewellery was founded by director Jordan Cullen in 2018. On his own search for an engagement ring for his now-wife, Jordan was shocked to discover the exorbitant prices and questionable origins of natural diamonds. After struggling to find a suitable alternative in Melbourne’s commercial jewellery stores, he turned to the Internet. Stumbling across Moissanite and Lab-Grown Diamonds, Jordan purchased his first Moissanite gem from an overseas retailer and developed a relationship with a Melbourne jeweller, who set his stone into a custom designed setting. Equipped with his first sparkling custom ring and a very happy fiancee, Jordan soon realised that many other couples could benefit from this same process… and so Cullen Jewellery was born!

Our Mission

At Cullen Jewellery, we strive to create beautiful fine jewellery that won’t cost the earth. We are an Australian company committed to bringing high-quality, ethical jewellery to our customers worldwide. We understand that finding your dream ring can be an exciting yet daunting experience - especially when searching online! We are passionate about helping you every step of the way, providing you with a fun, educational experience that fosters a more transparent and compassionate jewellery industry.

Environmental Commitment

As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, our fine jewellery is crafted with solely conflict-free, lab-created gemstones and recycled precious metals. Our jewellery does not contribute to the environmental devastation caused by mining and the upheaval of natural habitats. Wear your Cullen Jewellery with a clear conscience, knowing exactly where it came from and what it stands for.

Social Responsibility

Our customers never have to compromise between quality and conscience when purchasing a piece of Cullen Jewellery. With ethically sourced materials and fully traceable lab-created gemstones, our jewellery will never contribute to unethical labour practices, unsafe working environments or the displacement of ancestral communities.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Whether you’re shopping online or visiting our showroom in person, our jewellery experts are devoted to providing exceptional service while guiding you through the process in a fun, relaxing and educational environment. From our custom design process to our intricate designs, our goal is to provide a personalised shopping experience like no other. Say goodbye to awkward window shopping and uncomfortable moments with pushy salespeople - at Cullen Jewellery we are committed to you and your unique needs.

Lifetime Guarantee

We know that your fine jewellery purchases are an investment and we believe they should stand the test of time. For this reason, we are committed to providing a lifetime guarantee on all of our Lab-Grown Diamond and Moissanite loose stones. The high-quality properties and total traceability of our gemstones allow us to provide a lifetime warranty on the fire and brilliance of our stones. Furthermore, every piece of fine jewellery sold comes with a limited warranty to protect your jewellery against damage.

Our Difference

At Cullen Jewellery, all our products are made-to-order, customised to your unique specifications. Unlike other jewellery retailers, our pieces are not mass-produced and shipped to you from a production line; instead, you will receive a ring that is special to you alone. Situated in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, our jewellery is crafted by expert jewellers with a wealth of experience and industry knowledge. With our dedication to environmental and social responsibility, we are helping to set new standards within the fine jewellery industry.