Why should you choose lab grown Diamonds?

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Ethical Choice

Lab grown diamonds are conflict-free and require zero mining, making them a responsible, environmentally-friendly choice.

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Beauty & Quality

With the exact same properties as natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds are guaranteed to maintain their beauty and sparkle for generations.

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Lab diamonds are more affordable than natural diamonds of the same size and quality, offering tremendous value for your money.

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What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are exactly the same as natural diamonds, only they do not involve mining. Instead, lab diamonds are grown in controlled laboratory conditions that mimic the extreme pressure and high temperatures found in the earth’s crust. With this advanced technology, scientists are able to use a diamond seed to grow layers of diamond. Cultivated under the identical conditions of a mined diamond, the end result is a diamond with the exact same physical, chemical and optical properties of a natural diamond.

Why Choose A Lab Diamond?

Made of pure carbon with the exact same sparkle and durability as a natural diamond, a lab diamond allows you to have the diamond of your dreams without the exorbitant price tag and ethical dilemma.

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Lab grown diamonds are a much more affordable choice than natural diamonds. Compared to a natural diamond of the same size and quality, lab diamonds can cost up to 70% less! Customers looking for a conflict-free alternative or a larger stone that still fits in the budget can opt for a lab diamond without sacrificing quality.

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On average, miners must sift through 250 tons ofore to retrieve 1.00 carat of diamond. This has adestructive impact on the environment and often involves the use of unethical labour practices. Choosing a lab diamond means you can rest assured knowing exactly where your diamond came from.

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Lab grown diamonds have the exact same sparkle, brilliance and fire as their mined counterparts. Made of pure carbon, lab diamonds are graded as the hardest substance in the world, making them extremely scratch resistant and durable. Don’t sacrifice quality for price - with lab diamonds, you can have the best of both worlds!