Engagement Ring Design Basics

Though small and delicate, an engagement ring has many different components. If you are currently looking for a ring, you may find yourself coming across a number of terms you’ve never heard of. To make the design process easier, we’re here to help you familiarise yourself with some of these confusing terms.


Also referred to as the Setting, this term relates to the entire metal part of the ring (excluding the stone). The setting can be plain or it can be set with gemstones.


The head is the part of the setting that holds the main diamond or gemstone (the centre stone).


Also referred to as claws, this term refers to one of our most popular setting styles. A prong (or claw) is an individual piece of metal, bent over the top of a gemstone to keep it in place.


Tips are the very end of the claws which can be seen bent over the gemstone. Since the claws of a ring are susceptible to wear and tear, they may occasionally need to be re-tipped or rebuilt.

Centre Stone

This is the main diamond or gemstone in the ring.

Side Stones

Side stones or accent stones are any other gemstones beside the centre stone. Side stones are used to enhance the beauty of the centre stone, maximising its brilliance and adding a unique flair to the ring’s design.


The gallery is the part of the ring that can be seen from the side. It is situated directly beneath where the diamond is set.

Gallery Rails/Bearing

Some claw settings may feature gallery rails. These are extra pieces of metal set midway above the band and below the centre gemstone to reinforce the security of the centre gemstone.


As the name suggests, the shoulders are the sides of the mount and are used to hold up the head.


This term refers to the metal below the centre diamond that connects the setting to the band. The bridge holds the ring together.


Also known as the band, this is the part of the ring that wraps around the finger and is sized to fit perfectly to the finger.


On the inside of most wedding bands, you will find a small engraving or hallmark, denoting the type of precious metal used to create the setting.