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Are Lab Grown Diamonds as Good as Real Diamonds?

(Why The Appeal & What You Need To Know)

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Lab grown diamonds are really having their moment right now. Not only are lab grown diamonds significantly more affordable than earth mined diamonds but they are every bit as ‘real’. Lab grown diamonds are, as the name suggests, created in a lab, simulating the exact conditions that mined diamonds are formed under. They have the exact same physical, chemical and optical properties as mined diamonds.

The perspective is evolving around lab grown diamonds, and both fine jewellers and consumers alike are embracing the concept of lab grown diamonds. This is in large part due to peoples’ personal values and convictions, but also because today’s consumer is well informed about what a lab grown diamond really is and the complex process of its creation.

The main difference between mined and lab grown diamonds is that one takes thousands of years to grow and the other, a few weeks. The lab grown diamond process is so revolutionary that a gemologist would not be able to tell the diamonds apart at first glance and would only be able to do so with special instruments detecting the differences in trace elements.

Measuring a diamond with calipers
Two Cullen Jewellery Engagement Rings

Level Playing Field

Although a lab grown diamond’s chemical and physical makeup is exactly the same as a mined diamond’s, not all lab or mined diamonds are created equal. Every diamond, both lab and mined, is at the mercy of science, and there’s no way to guarantee a perfect diamond.

All diamonds will inevitably include certain amounts of inclusions and flaws. Inclusions are the small imperfections within a diamond that are created due to extreme pressure and heat. The less flaws a diamond has, the more expensive it will be. Diamonds are evaluated and then graded by a Diamond Grading System for appraising diamond quality.

The diamonds are graded and certified on the basis of cut, clarity, colour and carat (Also referred to as the 4Cs). A heavily included diamond will be graded much lower than a clearer, more translucent diamond that is almost pure in appearance. And since the same grading process is used for mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds alike, you know your diamond is verifiably high quality.

Purity is Paramount

Lab grown diamonds are on average 30% cheaper than mined diamonds, therefore you can get a more flawless lab created diamond, with fewer imperfections, for the same price you would spend on a lower graded, mined diamond. So you can be sure your diamond will be as physically and optically outstanding as the most brilliant mined diamond on offer.

At Cullen Jewellery, our lab grown diamonds are hand selected for the stone’s beauty and cut so that you know you’re getting the very best that is available. Our clients’ desires are so important to us that we conducted a survey to find out what the most important factors are when considering a lab grown engagement ring.

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Trilogy Engagement Ring

Of the survey, over 28% said that Sustainability was an overwhelming factor for them. 26% said Ethical practices, and 46% said that the main contributor in their decision was the lower price point. This data shows purity of heart is just as important to many people as purity of colour and clarity is in a precious stone, and it warms our hearts.

Cullen Jewellery are committed to driving ethical and sustainable practices to advance a more sustainable future together. Through continued research and further developments in technology, we will continue to see precious stones retaining their long lasting character and brilliance while minimising the impact on our world.

Quality is King

We believe in quality over everything, and that obsession remains steady with each new engagement ring created. Lab created diamonds are raising the bar with high quality, brilliant diamonds becoming more available for more people.

Both Mined and Lab grown diamonds are incredible choices in their own right. They are not in competition with one another. The only thing that matters is the significance you put on your diamond and what it means to you. The focus should never be on pitting one origin against another, but rather highlighting the causes for the phenomenon that is lab created diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are as good as real diamonds are in every way. They just have different origins, and we’re okay with that.

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