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What Is The Best Moissanite Brand To Buy?

Shopping for moissanite is an exciting yet somewhat daunting experience – especially when searching online! There seems to be an endless amount of online suppliers and virtually zero physical stores where you can go and see it with your own eyes. If you aren’t quite sure what you’re looking for, there is a risk you could purchase an overpriced, low-quality gemstone without even realising! At Cullen Jewellery, we’re here to help. Make shopping for your moissanite engagement ring easy with our tips on how to find an ethically sourced, high-quality branded moissanite.

Why Moissanite?

Moissanite is a truly incredible gemstone. Fully lab created, this sparkling gem is an ethical, eco-friendly choice. Unlike with natural diamonds, moissanite does not require mining. This means a reduced impact on the environment and the removal of unethical labour practices. Furthermore, moissanite is known for its astounding durability. Second only to diamonds on the hardness scale, moissanite can withstand everyday wear and will never become cloudy or dull. What’s more, moissanite is incredibly sparkly. With a higher refractive index than diamonds, this stunning gemstone has a fire and brilliance that truly exceeds expectations! Since it is so scratch-resistant, you can also be sure that your stone will never lose its ability to sparkle. In other words, your moissanite will be glittering for a lifetime!



Moissanite is laboratory-created and is100% conflict-free.



Moissanite is extremely durable and resistant to chipping and breaking.



Moissanite can only be scratched by other moissanite or diamonds.



Moissanite displays lots of coloured sparkles with some white sparkles. Moissanite has a distinct ‘disco-ball’ effect.

Branded vs. Unbranded Moissanite

Just like diamonds, moissanite comes in all shapes, sizes, cuts and colours. Not all moissanite is the same and some can be beautifully clear with very few imperfections while others can be poorly cut with a greyish tinge. To ensure you know what you’re getting, diamonds are always graded by third-party experts before they can enter the market. This keeps suppliers accountable and helps prevent you from buying an overpriced low-quality stone!

Unlike the diamond industry, however, there is very little regulation in the moissanite industry. Though moissanite continues to grow in popularity, most customers do not know how to distinguish between a high- and low-quality gemstone. This makes it easy for suppliers to flood the market with low-quality stones. Far inferior in cut and colour, these low-quality stones are called “unbranded” gems. Since no third-party company has evaluated these stones, some companies label these stones as being of higher quality than they actually are. In fact, many retailers are getting away with selling unbranded moissanite to unsuspecting customers.

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Purchasing a gemstone for your engagement ring is a big deal! You are investing a lot of money into it, and you expect it to last a lifetime. It needs to endure everyday wear and tear, and you’d like it to sparkle for your entire lifetime. To ensure your satisfaction, we strongly recommend you avoid purchasing unbranded moissanite.

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Origin, Authenticity and Warranty

Unbranded moissanite does not disclose its place of origin. At Cullen Jewellery, our moissanite is exclusively sourced from Radiant Beauty™. Based in Australia, Radiant Beauty™ ensures every one of their moissanite stones has been expertly crafted and graded. What’s more, every stone comes with a certificate of authenticity and is laser inscribed on the girdle with the Radiant Beauty™ logo. Each stone can also be traced directly to the manufacturer. With these assurances, we can confidently provide a lifetime warranty on all of our moissanite stones.

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Beauty and Quality

Purchasing branded moissanite also guarantees your stone’s high quality. Unbranded moissanite is often advertised as DEF (colourless) when in reality they are well below the DEF range. It’s also impossible to know what kind of quality control unbranded stones have been through. You could be buying a stone with a very low clarity grading without even knowing! Every branded moissanite comes with a certificate of authenticity that will describe its properties and grading. This means you can be assured of the cut, colour and clarity grading of your stone. Rest easy knowing exactly what you’re paying for!

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Unbranded moissanite is often cheaper than branded moissanite – but you pay a higher cost in the long run. Since you can’t be sure of the beauty, quality and authenticity of unbranded moissanite, do you really want to sacrifice quality for price? Branded moissanite has a higher price point because it is of the highest quality. Despite this, it is still an extremely affordable option when compared to other gemstones. For example, a 1.00 carat Round cut moissanite only costs $600 AUD while a diamond of similar size and quality will set you back over $10,000 AUD!


Unbranded moissanite can be found everywhere, especially online. It can be overwhelming when searching for a high-quality stone and at times, it is hard to know exactly what you’re purchasing. This is why we always advise buying branded moissanite from a trusted company (like us!). With a card of authenticity, a full grading report and the ability to trace its origin, branded moissanite is well worth the investment. When you purchase branded, high-quality, Australian jewellery, you can be confident that your piece will hold strong and sparkle for a lifetime!

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