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Ring Care FAQs

No, it's generally not recommended. Soap, shampoo, and conditioner can leave a filmy residue on the stone, reducing its sparkle, and potentially loosening the stone.

While diamond and moissanite are durable, we recommend removing your ring while swimming, exercising, cleaning, cooking, and gardening to protect it from chemicals and physical damage.

It depends on the activity. High-contact exercises pose a risk of damage. For gentler exercises like running or cycling, it's safer, but we advise caution.

We recommend removing your ring for activities like exercising, swimming, cooking, cleaning, gardening, and sleeping for its safety.

Store your ring in a safe, memorable place, preferably in its own fabric-lined case, ring pouch, or box to avoid scratches or damage.

Yes, at least once a year for a deep clean and to check for any loose stones or damage for regular maintenance.

Regular cleaning is recommended to maintain its sparkle. Gentle soap and warm water are sufficient for most cleanings.

We highly recommend insuring your ring against loss, given its sentimental and monetary value.

No, they have the same durability as mined diamonds and will not become cloudy.

Only use jewellery-specific cleaning solutions or mild soap. Harsh chemicals can damage the metal and stones.

Avoid extreme temperatures, especially with delicate settings or gemstones.

Store it in a dry, airtight container away from humidity and sunlight, and clean it regularly.

Remove your jewellery before swimming in the ocean or a chlorinated pool to prevent damage.

Use individual soft pouches or a jewellery roll that seal or close securely, and keep it in your carry-on bag.

Bring it to a professional jeweller for repair to avoid further damage. For all Cullen Jewellery products, please kindly return your ring back to our Melbourne workshop. You can contact sales@cullenjewellery.com for further information.

Gently shake the ring by your ear; a rattling sound may indicate a loose stone. Have it checked by a professional.

Consult a professional, as ultrasonic cleaners are not safe for all types of jewellery.

Apply cosmetics and let it dry before putting on your jewellery to prevent residue buildup and potential damage to gemstones.