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How to Find The Perfect Wedding Band Pairing

‘Made for each other’ is likely to be on the front of every greeting card that you receive during your engagement period. But what about the perfect match for your dazzling engagement ring? Wedding bands were once generally quite standard, either an eternity ring or a plain band - and the trend was to have a matching band to your partners. However, the rules have since been dashed in place of wedding band designs which can completely change the look of your engagement ring, and are bold enough to be worn alone. If you’re not sure what to settle on, here’s everything you need to know about wedding bands.

Should your engagement ring and wedding band be the same colour?

When it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands, the “rules” are there to be broken. The assumption that your engagement ring and wedding back should be the same metal colour, or feature the same stone type isn’t at all true, though it is certainly still the most common look for a sleek look.

Instead, be creative and see what you like the look of on your hand. Opting for two metals colours is great for those with an eclectic style who like to mix metals in their other jewellery. This also means the option to change up your look if you’d like the option to wear your rings separately for different occasions.

Mixing a platinum wedding band and a yellow gold engagement ring can really make the yellow gold pop, and the same would go for pairing a platinum and rose gold engagement ring together. As with As is typical of fashion, have a deep think about what you’ll enjoy wearing for years to come.

The Alexandra wedding band paired with the Amy engagement ring.

The best wedding band shape for your engagement ring cut

Not all wedding bands pair seamlessly with every engagement ring, particularly if you have an irregular shaped diamond, or a “toi-et-moi” setting. Luckily, there are ways to style your wedding band to suit even the funkiest of engagement ring styles. The traditional eternity or plain circular band, though beautiful, isn’t the most practical for every centre stone cut as the stone may hit off the edge of your wedding band, leaving a gap between. Before choosing a style, think about how you’d like your ring finger to look. Do you intend to wear both rings together, always? Do you want the rings to fit together flush, or do you like the chunky look of two rings that don’t totally fit together.

The Julia, Bianca, Felicity, Dallas and Joanna designs from Cullen Jewellery.

You also need to assess your engagement ring. A low-set ring will pair differently than a high-set ring. The latter means the centre stone sits higher off the metal band, meaning you can get away with a wedding band which sits flush with your other ring, as the stone is out of the way. For low set rings, a curved or open band means the stone can slip into the space and still be cohesive. Though both have their own considerations, the best way to get the perfect fit is to have your wedding band custom made to your engagement ring. At Cullen Jewellery we use 3D technology to scan your engagement ring to be sure we can create the wedding band of your dreams.

Most cuts like a cushion cut engagement ring or a princess cut engagement ring can be paired with a classic eternity band like our Kaitlyn Half Pavé Wedding Ring, which is smartly designed with diamonds round the front, for an overall classic look that doesn’t break the bank.

If you’re looking for a wedding band to pair with a centre stone and a sharp contour, (like a marquise or pear cut), opt for a curved wedding band with a centre “dip” to seamlessly accommodate your engagement ring. For a glamorous art-deco-inspired look, our Harper Curved Wedding Ring is a great way to dress up your engagement ring look.

Another great option for any less traditional centre stone cuts is an open wedding band, which has a gap in the front for the centre stone to slip into - with accent stones on each side. Our Pearl Open Wedding Ring has pear-cut stones on either side, which can dress up the look of a traditional engagement ring, and overall, help you achieve an bigger look for dressier occasions.

If you do wish to wear your wedding band alone on occasion, choosing an open or curved ring might not be the best option, but may suit a more alternative style. After all, your engagement ring and band should reflect your personality and aesthetic.

The sky's the limit when settling on a wedding ring pairing. Give thought to whether you might like a bold enough band to wear independently, or whether you want something very traditional. If you think you need a custom fit wedding band – you’re in luck, because we can help! Many of these wedding band options need to be customised to get a perfect fit. At Cullen Jewellery we use 3D computer-aided design technology for the most comfortable fit which you can wear with pride. If you need someone to talk you through it - book a virtual appointment with us here.

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