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Wedding Bands For Men

We often forget that while an engagement ring and wedding band are two of the most important jewellery items a woman will own, the same goes for men. Stones, shape, size, colour - these are all still things to consider when choosing a wedding band for a man, and the styles to choose from are only getting wider as style preferences become more unisex and more personal. At Cullen Jewellery, we've put together a comprehensive guide to wedding bands for men to help guide you to the perfect ring.

Cullen Jewellery’s Michael white gold wedding band

What is the Significance Of Wedding Bands?

Before we go into the design, why not understand where wedding bands came from, and why we wear them? The tradition of wearing rings to symbolise a marriage goes back thousands of years, to ancient Egypt. While designs changed through centuries, the one constant is that rings were a smooth spherical shape, signifying the eternal cycle of life. It was also the Egyptians who decided we would wear the ring on the ring finger, believing that a vein in this finger ran to the heart, which, spoiler alert – isn’t anatomically correct. The history of men wearing wedding bands however, doesn’t stretch back as far. Men wearing wedding bands was popularised during World War II as a reminder to those sent to war of their loved ones back home.

Keeping this in mind, as long as the ring is round, the design is completely up to you, and the significance will remain untouched.


Men’s wedding bands come in just as many variations as women’s, though between us, the differences aren’t hugely visible until you get up close and personal. The most common band shapes are flat, dome and bevelled. Brands and jewellers then build their designs on top of this base. Think of “flat” rings as the classic wedding band. It has a flat exterior and interior and works well for those looking for something simple. A domed ring is flat on the inside [for comfort] and is rounded on the outside for a softer look. A bevelled finish is somewhere in between and features the softness of the round dome edge, with the sharpness of the edges a flat ring.

Cullen Jewellery’s Bailey ring
Cullen Jewellery’s Mens platinum and yellow gold wedding rings


Men’s rings are on average about 6mm wide, though at Cullen Jewellery we have men’s wedding rings between 3mm to 8mm. Depending on the level of design or finish you are looking for, a thicker band allows for more space for a design - and boy can you have fun with the finishes. In fact, finishings might be the one area where men’s wedding bands trump the ladies.

A “polished” band is a smooth, shiny finish, juxtaposed by a “brushed” texture which is an almost matte finish, resembling brushstrokes. Matching the rustic look of the brushed metal is a “hammered” finish, which has dimples in the surface, as if the metal has been hammered in. If you can’t decide, we offer wedding bands with combinations of multiple finishings for a more individualistic look.


Unlike women’s wedding bands, you won’t often find precious stones like diamonds in men’s wedding bands. There’s no reason you can’t have this, if it's your personal taste, however there are another set of considerations if you’d like gemstones in your ring. Though diamonds are the world's hardest substance, a ring set with stones isn’t as durable as one without if you have an active lifestyle - and certainly if you have an intensively manual labour job

Cullen Jewellery’s Mens multi-coloured and classic wedding rings


When it comes to choosing a metal, the main considerations are vanity, and durability. Men’s gold wedding bands are all the rage, thanks to the newfound popularity of gold in engagement and wedding rings. Yellow gold is in its natural form, and so will not tarnish over time unlike white gold which can wear over time to reveal the colour underneath. Rose gold, though not a natural metal, is alloyed with other metals [like copper] for its warm colour, so unlike white gold, the colour won’t wear off over time and is a beautiful option for men looking for a unique look.

If you like the cool-toned colour of white gold, a platinum ring is one of the most durable metal options, as well as one of the rarest. If you work with chemicals or do labour work with your hands, a platinum wedding band might just be the best option. Black carbon fibre wedding bands are a newer phenomenon which beautifully blend the worlds of innovation and jewellery. Carbon fibre is lightweight, scratch-resistant and has a deep black colour – perfect for all the monochrome lovers.

The world of men’s wedding bands is one with as many industry-specific terminologies as women’s engagement rings. Each ring has its own set of considerations, making the possibilities endless on what can be achieved. Discover our range of men’s wedding bands here, from the enchanting rarity of platinum, to the dark beauty of carbon fibre, to pure yellow gold for all the old-school romantics.

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