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Our Favourite Ways To Customise Men’s Wedding Bands

We’re seeing a shift in mens wedding rings, jewellery and men's fashion in general. The luxury industry is moving away from tried-and-tested silhouette and design combinations in place of a more personalised, individualistic approach. Naturally, some people like tradition, so we’re not here to be the flag bearers of a fully blinged out wedding band (if that doesn’t feel authentic to you). That said – here are just some of our favourite ways to personalise your wedding band.

Change up the Metal Colour

When it comes to mainstream designs, men’s wedding bands don’t majorly deviate from a classic band - unlike women’s wedding bands, which come in all kinds of metal colour, stone shapes, gemstone types, and gemstone colours. So metal colour is one of the easiest ways you can customise your wedding band, particularly if you don’t want to go overboard with the designing process.

Men's gold wedding bands have traditionally always been a popular option, contrary to women’s engagement rings which have traditionally been set in platinum – which is not only the rarest, but also the most durable metal (along with yellow gold), as neither colour will tarnish over time. If you wear jewellery on a daily basis, it’s worth thinking about which metal colour you gravitate towards, and either choosing a band in this metal colour, or combine this with another metal colour.

At Cullen Jewellery, we provide a wide range of yellow gold wedding rings for men.

Adding Alternative Materials to the Band

Our carbon fibre rings are a sleek alternative to the yellow gold wedding rings.

If you’re in the process of searching for a wedding band, you may have seen unfamiliar materials popping up, like the black wedding bands made from carbon fibre. These are great if you like a sleek, moody look - and will certainly be a conversation starter. Carbon fibre is traditionally used in the automobile industry as it is a very robust, lightweight material and great if you have an active lifestyle and don’t want to run the risk of scratching a metal. Similarly, if you like the look of a black wedding band, but want to stick to metal, our tantalum wedding bands have a bluey-grey tone, and have a unique appearance; perfect for making a statement.

One thing to note is that if you plan to wear your engagement ring daily, scratches and wear are bound to show, so don’t allow it to hold you back from the look you really want, even if it isn’t the most durable.

The Perfect Fit

We mentioned the shapes of women’s wedding bands being much more varied than mens, and that is true. But up close, the differences in mens wedding rings can be seen clearly, and when worn, the difference will be obvious. Think about this as the most important step, ultimately a wedding band represents one of the most important relationships you’ll ever have. So regardless of how the ring looks, you’ll cherish it. An uncomfortable ring on the other hand, won’t feel so sweet.

A flat wedding band is probably what you might think of as a classic wedding band, it has a flat interior and exterior for a sleek look. A domed wedding ring has a flat interior which is flush to the finger, and a slightly curved outer edge which creates a softer look. The bevelled wedding ring from Cullen Jewellery is the best of both of these, the roundness of the domed exterior with the sleek corners of the flat ring which will help create that unique look without being too out there.

The Magic in the Details

The Harry Men’s Wedding ring showcases a matte hammered finish.

The industry previously hasn’t done justice to the grooms of the world, and that’s where we’re changing things up. You’ve decided the shape, the metal colours, and whether you want to add other materials like the jet-black carbon-fibre. Now it’s time  for the fun bit – the final touches. Our engraving service means that even if you want a super sleek and classic ring, you can have something which really makes your ring yours.

While mens wedding bands aren’t generally set with gemstones and diamonds like women’s widely are, there are fun design touches we offer at Cullen Jewellery, which will set your ring apart from the rest. A soft matte finished metal like our Jeremy Wedding Ring is great if you like an understated look. For a more rustic, worn-in look, our hammered finishing on the Harry Wedding Ring quite literally emulates metal hammer marks.

At Cullen Jewellery we are advocates for doing what feels authentic to you. If you’d like to discuss all the possible options, you can book an appointment with our team here.

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