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Elongated Cushion Cut Engagement Rings in Leicester

Brought to life by our in-house jewellers.

Create your Elongated Cushion cut lab grown diamond, moissanite or sapphire engagement ring with our engagement ring builder below, and we will deliver it to your door in Leicester, the United Kingdom.

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Delivering to your door in Leicester, Cullen Jewellery specialises in custom-made engagement rings to complement your perfect proposal. At Cullen Jewellery, we combine the knowledge of experienced in-house jewellers and an exceptional client service team that can help guide you through every step of the engagement ring design process, from concept to completion.

Need help choosing your perfect engagement ring? Book a virtual appointment at our showroom to talk to one of our friendly engagement ring specialists.

Looking for a specific style? Choose from our collections below:

Elongated Cushion Cut Engagement Ring FAQs

Your questions, answered.

Cullen Jewellery offers a variety of engagement ring designs featuring timeless and bespoke lab grown diamond and moissanite centre stones. Our collection includes solitaire, classic, and unique designs with various diamond cuts, such as cushion cut, elongated cushion, and more. Browse our selection today by visiting our shop page.

To choose the perfect cushion cut diamond, consider factors such as the diamond's colour, clarity, and ratios. Our diamond specialists at Cullen Jewellery can help you select a high-quality, lab grown cushion cut diamond with a competitive price, excellent clarity and a soft, pleasing colour to create a stunning centrepiece for your ring.

To find your ring size, simply visit our related pages on ring sizing or request a complimentary ring sizing kit. Alternatively, you can visit our virtual showroom for a personal appointment with our jewellery specialists, who will help you find the perfect fit.

Cullen Jewellery offers a selection of precious metals for your engagement ring, including platinum and other timeless, high-quality metals like yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Our team can help you select the ideal metal that best complements your chosen diamond centre stone and design.

Yes, Cullen Jewellery offers a diverse range of fine jewellery in addition to engagement rings. Our collection includes beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and wedding bands, crafted with the same exceptional craftsmanship and ethical sourcing as our engagement rings. Discover our complete range of stunning jewellery pieces by visiting our website and browsing our online shop.

Yes, Cullen Jewellery is happy to work with you on customising your engagement ring. Contact our design team or visit here to discuss your ideas and preferences, and we'll help bring your unique vision to life.

The time it takes to receive your engagement ring depends on the specific design and customisation details. Generally, it takes a maximum of several weeks to complete your piece and send it to you. We'll notify you of the expected wait time upon purchase and keep you updated on the progress of your order.

Absolutely! We welcome you to schedule an appointment at our virtual showroom to discover our stunning engagement rings and fine jewellery in person. Simply visit our website, complete the appointment request form, and a member of our team will be in touch to confirm the details.

Cullen Jewellery is committed to operating responsibly and sustainably. We exclusively use lab grown diamonds and moissanite gemstones, which have a significantly lower environmental impact than mined diamonds. Additionally, we strive to make a positive community impact through our partnerships, employees, and business practices.

Our elongated cushion engagement rings are known for their exceptional beauty, unique features, and competitive pricing. Our expertly crafted designs create a stunning visual appeal by combining the classic cushion cut with an elongated shape, enhancing the overall appearance of the ring. Each piece is hand-selected by our skilled partners, ensuring that every ring is made with love and precision.